from top left to right: geometric necklace by One We Made Earlier, £45 (other designs available); screenprinted necklaces by Sad Panda, £15 (various designs), necklaces by Wolf & Moon (various designs with st silver chains from £29); Béton silver earrings by Tom Pigeon, £45 (other designs available); pencil brooches, £8; Crimson tartan fabric bracelets, £18; Béton silver cufflinks by Tom Pigeon, £120; various necklaces by One We Made Earlier, from £40; earrings with silver posts by Wolf & Moon, from £10; geometric necklace by One We Made Earlier, £45; ceramic necklace by Homebody Makes, £22; Circles necklace by Wolf & Moon, £26; Silver necklace by Clare Hawley, £32 (other silver jewellery from £22); bunting necklaces by Lucie Ellen, £20 (various colours); screenprinted necklace by Sad Panda, £15; Béton Apex earrings by Tom Pigeon, £55.

(all subject to availability)