from top left to right: Ziggy lambswool cat by Donna Wilson, £36; lambswool socks by Catherine Tough, from £18-£23; lambswool socks, £23; Fox lambswool scarf by Donna Wilson, £47 (other designs available); Hilary Grant lambswool hat, £55; lambswool gloves, £25; circle lambswool scarf by Hilary Grant, £79; Lambswool scarves by Donna Wilson; Beardy Man lambswool throw by Donna Wilson, £195; lambswool hats by Hilary Grant, £55; lambswool cushion by Donna Wilson, £69; Forest lambswool throw by Donna Wilson, £195; lambswool scarves by Donna Wilson; circle scarf by Hilary Grant (various designs/colours), £79; handwoven scarves by Emma Geddes, various from £49; lambswool mittens by Hilary Grant, £42. All our woollens are made in Scotland (except for the socks).

(all subject to availability)